Adderall And Its Effects On Adults And Kids Essay example

Adderall And Its Effects On Adults And Kids Essay example

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Tired and overworked students will try anything to get that extra edge to stay up all night and study. Students, specifically college students, find solace in a little pill called Adderall. Adderall is a drug used for treatment and control of neurological disorders that affect adults and kids, specifically those with attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy. Formerly known as Obetrol, it was first approved on February 21st, 1996 by the FDA and was in the warehouses by March 11th, 1996. However, Adderall was used as a substitute to caffeine, speed, or to even reach a natural high by students at high pressure college and prep schools before it was a drug known to aid people with ADHD (Kent 2013).
Lawrence Diller, M.D., a member of the University of California, San Francisco’s clinical faculty has prescribed these drugs and studied their effects for more than three decades. She shares that twenty to thirty minutes after taking the drug; you receive a sense of a mild euphoric lift. She continues to share that the drug is similar to other amphetamines like MDMA (Ecstasy), Adderall imitates feel-good brain chemicals, such as dopamine. Additionally, research has shown that the drugs high continue till the effects wear off due to the fact that the drug blocks chemicals that irritate reward-based responses. Furthermore, Diller states, “Adderall provokes some of the same reactions as the fight-or-flight chemical epinephrine.” Diller continues to explain that it helps you focus and suppresses your appetite because of the rush you get from the pill (Heid 2014). Adderall is a highly addictive substance that college students use to help get that extra edge while studying, however, the drug has serious side effects and can...

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... ideal to be in a inpatient rehabilitation facility or to be supervised by a medical treatment team (Karges 2014). In short, participation in withdrawal symptoms are very difficult but, in addition to overcoming the addiction, Adderall treatment programs can help with the withdrawal symptoms.
In conclusion, Adderall is a very dangerous drugs. Even though on the same Schedule as Heroin, college students don’t view it to be dangerous and are more than willing to take it in hopes to recover from a plummeting GPA or due to being unprepared for an exam. Highly addictive, students are wiling to take this magic little pill to help get that extra edge while studying and they don’t think about the serious side effects, overdose, and withdrawal symptoms that come with it. Students don’t realize that this drug doesn’t make you smarter but just helps keep you focused and awake.

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