Essay on Add Or Attention Deficit Disorder

Essay on Add Or Attention Deficit Disorder

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ADD or Attention Deficit Disorder is probably one of the most common disorders, conditions or disabilities in the world today with most people being typically being diagnosed in their early childhood years. Approximately “6 million children have ADD or Attention Deficit Disorder in the United States” ( Sometimes, people often think that ADD or ADHD are two different disorders, but they are actually the same thing. However, “ADD is the inattentive subtype/type of ADHD, whereas ADHD has two different subtypes/types: hyperactivity-impulsivity and a combined subtype/type” ( People are diagnosed with ADD at some point in their life, however, they are typically diagnosed in when they are a child. People with ADD or Attention Deficit Disorder often have symptoms that mainly deal with inattention. There are no physical impairments for individuals that have ADD. Some of the impairments of a person with ADD include “a short attention span, having trouble focusing at one task at a time, has a hard time paying close attention, etc.” ( There are really no safety factors that need to be considered when a TR is planning/creating an activity for a person with ADD. With some ADD medications, they can cause health problems and a TR would need to know the side effects of those medications and what kind of health problems they may cause before planning/creating an activity for a person with ADD. If a person with ADD is taking a medication that has side effects that may cause health problems like affecting bodily functions or affecting the body in any way, an activity that is physical in nature is probably not a good idea for that particular person to do. A lot of the activities a person with ADD ca...

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...of any and all obstructions that may cause a person to trip and fall and making sure there is little to no noise at all as noise can be a distraction and distractions can cause a person

to lose focus and quite possibly injury themselves” ( Some program adaptations are the same as the safety stuff above. Some activities that a person with dementia can do are listening to music, baking and cooking, and gardening. Some equipment that may be used are any types of gardening tools, any types of cooking and baking utensils, and any type of technology that can be used to listen to music. When I was researching dementia, I have kind of already knew a little about it given the fact we went over a chapter in class that mentioned dementia. However, after my research, my knowledge on stuff about dementia has increased. I have learned a lot about Dementia.

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