Adapting Of Their Changing Brains Essay

Adapting Of Their Changing Brains Essay

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Adapting to Their Changing Brains
Sir Ken Robinson shares a story in his book entitled, The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything, of a little girl that visited a specialist’s office with her mother, for the school suggested the girl had a learning disorder. At the age of eight she had given much concern to her teachers in the classroom with reports of poor test scores, late assignments, disrupted behavior, unnecessary fidgeting, and bouts of daydreams. The psychologist began the assessment by discussing the difficulties she was having in school with the mother, while the girl sat across the room from them. She sat on her hands in order to reduce her fidgeting, as she was tremendously bored by the event. The girl felt uneasy since the assessment was about her, yet he asked her no questions, just watched her from a distance. Twenty minutes later the psychologist got up from his desk and informed the girl that he was in need of speaking to her mother privately, before leading her mother into the hallway the psychologist turned on the radio. When the psychologist shut the door, he told her mother to stay near the window so they could observe her. Within seconds, the girl got up and began dancing to the music; natural, simplistic movements full of grace around the room. The psychologist told the mother that her daughter did not have a learning disorder, but she is a dancer. She is not in need of a special classroom but of a dance school. The mother did as the psychologist suggested and the girl found a place where she belonged; a place full of children just like her, children who needed to move in order to think (2009). Many children have been diagnosed with the condition known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disord...

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... Ballet School in London where she was accepted and became a soloist who performed all over the world. She then formed her own musical theater company and produced a series of highly successful shows. The little girl, who teachers were concerned that she had a learning disorder was Gillian Lynne, who became one of the most successful choreographers who brought millions of people entertainment and made millions of dollars through shows including Cats and The Phantom of the Opera. Robinson says,
This happened because someone looked deep into her eyes, someone who had seen children
like her before and knew how to read the signs. Someone else might have put her on
medication and told her to calm down. But Gillian wasn’t a problem child. She didn’t need to
go away to a special school. She just needed to be who she really was (2009).

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