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Adaptation Of The United States Essay

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The United States is a country where everyone dreams of coming. It is the "land of opportunities", as they say. The first time when one leaves the home country, there is a feeling of excitement, hope, and sadness with lots of worries and questions in mind. The thought that life will be a lot better than what was before, is only a hope. Life is only starting from the very beginning with no experience. You will be born again and start to learn how to walk. You will go through tough times at first. You will fall and get up and learn from your mistakes. You will get lonely. After going through all that, adaptation will be the only option. Time is the key here and in time people move on with their lives. Knows that the only way to survive on another land is to live like them. This whole process takes about five years. After five years, the homesickness just fades. It is always there hiding inside you and once in a while just comes out and makes you question why you came to the United States which reminds you of your dreams and goals in life. This is what keeps a person alive, especially in a city like New York City. This is why I stayed in the apple city.

After all, I was one of the survivors. I actually lived in New Jersey and went to middle and high school in a small town called Clifton. It was a very diverse town and at the end, I made many friends who were from different backgrounds, also immigrants and we all shared a similar story. My favorite part of the day in 8th grade was the homeroom as we called it the art-room. Our teachers took us on a field trip to see a Broadway show, The Phantom of the Opera. It was my first Broadway show and when we arrived there, the architecture of the building amazed me. It was just like in the m...

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... see the light at the end of the tunnel with my career and with my life. Nothing is easy. When you wanna achieve something big, you have to work hard. I am the first generation in my family who will graduate from a university in New York City and who will be the first architect. I have seen the difficult times living in America as an immigrant like millions of other people who has come here, is one of the hardest choices someone can make. But many years later when I look back I will thank my parents for taking me to this country. I am the lucky one who got to experience life from a different point of view. I am the lucky one to see and meet so many people from different cultures, nations, and religions without even traveling the world. I share my first experiences, my passion and my inner joy with New York City. It is the city of many stories and this is my story.

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