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Adams and William Shakespeare Essay examples

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The themes of the works of Adams and Shakespeare were very different because their purposes in their careers were different. Shakespeare was more interested in making a name and wealth off his writing. Adams on the other hand was more of an environmentalist and was very interested in protecting the right of Yosemite Park as much as he was interested in capturing its beauty. “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” (Adams, 1995). With this quote Adams highlight it's not just pressing the button on the camera and takes a picture, it’s literally making photography with techniques of this awesome art of photography.
When referring to personal life the life of William Shakespeare is still a mystery. Historians have found it difficult to even set a specific date of birth for him because of the poor records dating back to his times. There is no known record of his education but it is assumed he attended a public charter school that was in close proximity to his household. There William Shakespeare was successful in selling out plays; he was one of the few artists able to enjoy recognition and fame prior to their death. He never became wealthy off his work but the money he earned allowed him to purchase houses and retire eventually. With this quotes Shakespeare proof to his audience how heart and mind plus literature is a perfect match “My bounty is as boundless as the sea, my love as deep; the more I give to thee, the more I have, for both are infinite.” (Mabillard, 2014). Ansel Adams on the other hand was born into wealth. However his father had the misfortune of losing the family wealth and went on to spending the rest of his life trying to recover. However Adams had the fortune of having the guidance and support of his father in ...

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...ed in the print are the comprehensive exhibition domain. He obtained high contrast images without burning lights or stoppings shadows. This techniques are using like examples in the actuality.
The works of Shakespeare have left nothing but positive contributions to the field of literature. He created something complex and unique that has marked the rest of the course of history. Every writer to this date studies the work of Shakespeare and hopes to one day achieve the something similar and unique has he did. The same goes for the work of Adams. The love and passion he felt for his subject is what every artist hopes to one day achieve. The ability to more than capture something unique but also at the same time contributes in some way to the preservation of the earth. Because when you do something you love you feel as if you have not worked a day of your life.

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