Essay about Ad and Communication Skills Analysis

Essay about Ad and Communication Skills Analysis

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Would it be frustrated for a hard working student were unable to get a scholarship because of something school didn’t teach him? John Doe is my best friend in Tan Binh neighborhood in Vietnam who always got an A in all his classes of American International School. It was his dream to study in oversea because he knew that the education would be better than Vietnam. There was an event in school that promoted scholarship for those who passed the test. With his academic level, he passed the writing test easily. But the interview, he couldn't pass it because he was never prepared for this speaking. There were prestige communication course that available in Vietnam like Dale Carnegie but the price was expensive so he didn't get his parent supported on the course. If there were more parents that invest their money for children on these courses, then there would be no struggle for the scholarship case like John Doe. The communication course in Dale Carnegie is indeed necessary for my Tan Binh community because it helps the student better chance getting the scholarship, encourage a change in Vietnam education and provides a vital skill to survive in the world of information today.
In order to earn scholarship in Vietnam, communication course is important for the student to take. In Vietnam, it is compulsory for student to take 15 classes in a year so in order to have all A would be challenging but John Doe is fully capable. John Doe is always a keen and hard working student; it is impossible to not see him reading book and doing work even in break time. The school always view John Doe as a promising candidate for the scholarship and it a strong motivation keep him working harder. In spite of all his effort, there is one tragedy that he...

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...or every student in Vietnam get the chance to learn communication course is a huge step in open the possibility for Vietnam to be closer in becoming a developed country.
In conclusion, John Doe is an example victim of a hard working student in Tan Binh community in Vietnam education that unable to get a scholarship because the lack of communication course. It's a lesson for the community to make the situation won't repeat again by encourage family to enroll in communication course. The community is required the young member to participate in community course because they will get better chance in earning the scholarship, encourage a change in Vietnam education and obtain a vital skill to survive in the world of information today. Communication course is important in every aspect that not just in Tan Binh alone but the whole Vietnam to advance in its development.

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