The Acute Care Facility Upmc Regional Is A Not For- Profit Health Care Organization

The Acute Care Facility Upmc Regional Is A Not For- Profit Health Care Organization

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My affiliated organization is part of a larger organization UPMC, Pittsburgh (University of Pittsburgh Medical Center). The acute care facility UPMC Regional is a not-for- profit health care organization. As an integral part of the community the hospital cares for twenty surrounding counties. These counties are mostly Industrial areas, almost entirely suburban, with low-lying residential homes and businesses. The population served in 2013, ministered to approximately 160,523 individuals. UPMC Regional had an economic impact estimating in numbers of $562.5 million for hospital operations (UPMC Regional, n.d.). In turn, $34.0 million were community benefit contributions for health care resources.
As a facility mission it’s imperative to improve patient outcomes through a consistent process of monitoring, assessing, and evaluating facility performance. According to Zinn (2013), “Nursing interventions are vital in the quest to improve health status and outcomes, and nurses should be focused on breaking the cycle of vulnerability by eliminating health disparities for patients” (647), this contributes to nursing practice. Nurses have a profound effect on surgical outcomes, including prevention of surgical site infection risk, guideline improvements and patient education. Surgical patients in this population have an increased risk of infectious agents possibly acquired in the surgical environment. This infection risk factor relates to facility performance or staff noncompliance. Furthermore as an important health factor, “some reports in the literature have estimated the incidence of SSIs to be as high as 1 million every year” (Zinn, 2013, p. 648). This leads to the importance of using best care practices and improved surgical...

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...cording to McGuckin and Govednik (2013), some major patient safety issues are related to healthcare-associated infections (HAIs); despite years of education, teaching, and research the compliance of healthcare workers (HCW) is low. A creative strategy used will consist of a facility change determined by the World Health Organization (WHO) standards. Determining the best monitoring techniques and evaluations will be completed by critical analysis. Staff education and training along with performance feedback addresses problem areas. Furthermore, using a creative strategy in improving outcome measures empowers healthcare workers and patients to become active in their roles to decrease SSI’s.
A current facility practice change for surgical services relates to patient safety. An infection prevention and control program is vital in performance monitoring. In particular,

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