The Acts of the Apostles Essay

The Acts of the Apostles Essay

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Historical Context

The Book of Acts, or sometimes known as The Acts of the Apostles was written between 62 and 70 A.D. To better understand the meaning behind Acts, one should look at the history and what lead to the writing of this book. It was written as a second half of a two part series, with Luke being the first half. Without mentioning himself in either of his writing, it is believed that Luke, a traveling companion of Paul, as mentioned in Colossians 4:14, 2 Timothy 4:11, and Philemon verse 24 was the author of both Luke and Acts. We are told that Luke wrote or dedicated both works to Theophilus (meaning a friend of God). Back in the Gospel of Luke chapter 1, Theophilus is also referred to as “most excellent”, which in Greek is Kratistos, to show an expression of honor. The Roman Empire social ladder was divided into four groups; 1) Phelps (common people), 2) Knights (people of affluence, dignity, high social standing) and 3) Senators (highest accolades of government). “Kratistos is the epithet used for Felix, The Roman governor of Judea, found later to describe Theophilus.” It is believed that Theophilus was a Christian convert, a master to a slave/Greek servant named Luke, who also happened to be a doctor. Luke was then made free or given manumission, so with gratitude of Theophilus, he wrote his gospel.
Luke wrote the Book of Acts to continue the story of Jesus. It was seen as an outline of the Lord’s, like John when writing the book of Revelation. When Luke had written the book of Acts, the Roman Empire had already conquered the Mediterranean world and was reaching to present-day Britain, North Africa and some of Asia. So during the early church, the empire would have still been growing and had influences of the p...

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...e that unity of spirit and purpose essential for an effective witness.”

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