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Activism for the Muslim Woman Essay

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Spare the world around you a glance. Chances are you are going to find a whole spectrum of races, religions, lifestyles or even appearances. How bland and dull would it be if our daily encounters consisted of people who thought and looked just like us? We were not created to be the same. We were fashioned to be unique and to embrace that something special that makes us different.
But sadly, another part of our human nature is to shun people who are not quite the same as everybody around them. We expel minorities from society because they’re “different” when in reality the term “different” could be used both ways. For example, Muslims all over the globe suffer prosecution because of their faith. Women who wear the Hijab (head cover) are especially treated with cruelty and unfairness. The world views them as a danger simply because of a piece of garment that they wear on their heads. Girls like that are considered outcasts –or even safety threats- because of a piece of fabric that represents modesty, humility and certainly not violence.
Donna Gehrke-White quotes twenty-nine-year-old attorney Dalia Hashad, condemning the injustice towards Muslims in the U.S. after 9/11, saying, “This dragnet technique used by the FBI is simple racial profiling and it violates our most cherished fundamental freedoms” (278). The right to follow any religion –or none at all- should be given to all humans. The decision to wear the Hijab is entirely personal. And I hope to utilize my experiences and skills to broaden the world’s perspective through activism for the Muslim woman. Throughout the years, the Muslim woman has been a victim of narrow-mindedness and false generalization. And I hope to help shine a light on the unjust stereotyping of Muslim wome...

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