Active Participation Strategy For Students Essay

Active Participation Strategy For Students Essay

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Active Participation Strategy # 1: (Student Questions)
It is no longer acceptable to just lecture your students during direct teaching. This is especially true when dealing with third graders who must be actively engaged to hold their focus on what you are trying to teach. In my lesson I chose the whole class active participation strategy of student questioning as my first strategy. By asking my students questions it allowed me an opportunity to assess their prior knowledge. This also allowed the students to engage in the learning. Because I chose an example that they could draw on their own life experiences by asking about a trip they may have taken to a local lake it gave them a scaffold of prior knowledge to hang the new concept and build on (Lorain, n.d.).
ELL students in particular benefit from the implementation of student questioning during direct teaching as a strategy for active participation because it is so successful at activating prior knowledge. Since activating prior learning is a key component in comprehension ELL students can connect what they know to what they are learning and then they can apply it. By allowing students to answer and ask questions the will retain and understand the concept more effectively than what they would if they processed the new information through a lecture (Utah State Office of Education, 2004).
Active Participation Strategy # 2: (Collaboration)
Collaboration allows for classroom discourse. Small groups are a great way to get multiple viewpoints on a concept. I chose to use partners instead of a larger collaborative group because it allowed for maximum participation. By having groups of two in the computer lab I could really interact with each student and assess their comprehension of ...

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...g on the computer makes it easier for students to review their answers. The students have more control over what order they can answer questions because they can skip harder questions and the test will remind them they are not answered at the end. The teacher also benefits because the tests are instantly graded and both the teacher and the student receive immediate feedback on the grades (Garland, 2012).
Below level learners benefit from taking the assessment on the computer because they have the option for the test questions and directions to be read orally. This allows for a more accurate idea of the students comprehension because the score reflects their knowledge of the subject not their reading level. Struggling students can also use other accommodations the computer provides like enlarging text and changing fonts (National Center on Educational Outcomes, 2003).

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