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Active Learners : An Active Learner Essay

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An active learner is someone who retains new information by literally being active with new information. Being active can mean discussing with others, or applying the new material with already familiar concepts. An active learner will appreciate working in groups. Being that sitting in a lecture that does not provide opportunities for physical activity is particularly difficult for an active learner, someone who is characterized as an active learner may find it helpful to study in an interactive group. In their article “Learning Styles and Strategies,” Richard M. Felder, Professor at North Carolina State University and Barbra A. Solomon, coordinator of advising at NCSU suggest that active learners should “study in a group in which the members take turns explaining different topics to each other . . . [active learners] will always retain information better if [active learners] find ways to do something with it” (par 3).
The alternative to an active learner are reflective learners. A reflective learner is a person who is inclined to quietly review and think about the material, and favors working alone over participating in study groups. While studying, a reflective learner will retain more information by stopping to analyze the material on hand as opposed to merely reading and memorizing the information. Felder and Solomon recommend that reflective learners utilize their extra time after class by writing, using their own words, short summaries of class notes. Although perhaps this suggestion may be time consuming, reflective learners will retain information more effectively using this method to study (par 4).
Personally, my learning style results determined that I am an active and reflective learner with a slight tendency for r...

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...successful when writing summaries of course material in their own words. Being that it is effective for verbal learners to hear others talk, working in groups can be particularly effective (par 12).
Sequential learners obtain clear understanding through a logical progression of linear steps. In finding solutions, sequential learners tend to “follow logical stepwise paths” (Felder & Solomon, par 13). Sequential learners may have difficulty following along in a class in which the instructor skips steps in the lesson. A possible resolution to this would be to consult someone who has the ability to help the sequential learner fill in the steps. While studying, sequential learners ought to take the time to order the lecture material logically. Additionally, relating new information to already familiar topics can aid in strengthening a sequential learners thinking skill.

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