Essay on Active Leadership

Essay on Active Leadership

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Understanding active leadership skills is the essence of leadership through the eyes of successful CEOs and the Western philosopher Cicero from the 1st century. Cicero’s philosophy helps business owners, students and educators to understand how leadership skills assist managers in the business world today. Amazingly in the 21st century the same principles are being practiced as guidelines for business ethics and management. Bragues relates present day management skill through the Ciceronian study’s that consist of: wisdom, justice, greatness and spirit. Hard work plus evidence are factors that fuel active leadership skills proving Cicero theory from 1st century “do no harm mentality” (Bragues, 2010).
While practicing active leadership skills, honor is an attribute that leaders must have“The honor of a business leader is secured by the practice of four virtues: wisdom, justice, greatness of spirit, and seemliness” (Bragues, 2010). Critically examining the understanding of leadership skills though the perspective of professional in the work place assists when developing active leadership skills. Colwell discusses that listening is an undervalued skill that leaders forget about.
Active leadership skills are very important however active listening confirms that the message is truly transmitted strengthening the total leadership concept. According to Colwell, active listening is not just listening with your ears, we must look at the sender to absorb there words while deciphering in our minds what is truly be said. The understanding of active listening opens people’s eyes in seeing actually how a person sees and feels about the world. Further examining great leaders, caring leaders know his/her teams and have high level...

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