Active Euthanasia Should Be Legal Essay example

Active Euthanasia Should Be Legal Essay example

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I. Argument for Position
Active euthanasia should be an option to patients that have terminal illnesses and have a great amount of suffering.
1) Active euthanasia would provide a quick and painless death, while passive euthanasia forces the patient to suffer while they wait for their eventual demise.
a) Passive euthanasia forces the patient to suffer for a longer period of time. For instance, the median life expectance for stage 4 non-small cell lung cancer is around eight months, and the five-year survival rate is at four percent (Eldridge). The length of time these people would be alive and suffering would surely allow for the use of active euthanasia, as there is next to no chance of surviving and a great amount of the pain cannot be alleviated with medicine. Passive euthanasia would take too long and allow the patient to suffer all too much, something they have already done enough of.
b) There is no moral difference between killing and letting one die. If one were to kill someone and another were to idly stand by while watching someone die, they would both be accused of murder in some form or another (Rachels 3-4). The same general idea should go for euthanasia, administering a lethal dose of medication should be no different from just leaving one there to die.
c) One must have the autonomy, or self-determination, to choose what happens to them, and this includes all forms of euthanasia (Callahan 52). Therefore, patients should have the opportunity to choose active euthanasia to avoid excessive amounts of suffering.
2) There is a lack of evidence to show negative societal consequences of euthanasia, and the people generally support it. There is a shift in views in the public, and this influences the legal system’s procedures a...

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...hey have less than six months to live, there is no point on running drug trials on these patients. They are not going to survive, and they have already tried to reduce their pain multiple different ways.
b) Losing anyone that is close is hard, in whichever way that person has passed away. It is expected for those close to the deceased to grieve, especially spouses, parents, and the like. Mourning can last months, and is different for everyone. Expressing emotions and finding someone to talk to can help with the process, sometimes a close friend or family member, or a therapist.
c) A person that is dead cannot experience harm, as they cannot experience anything. If someone is to say that a dead person is harmed, one would assume that you are disrespecting their life, not the person themselves. Therefore, you cannot harm them, as disrespect is not equivalent to harm.

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