Essay on Active And Passive Euthanasia Are Morally Permissible

Essay on Active And Passive Euthanasia Are Morally Permissible

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I argue that both active and passive euthanasia are morally permissible because they both involve the ending of life due to extraordinary circumstances. If it is evident that a person is not going to get better, even with treatments, and the person wants to end their life, then that is what should be done. If a person wants to live and wants to go through with treatments for as long as possible then they should be allowed to live, but it is sometimes wrong to prolong life. We must think about the quality of life in these situations. There is a difference between simply being alive and living and to not allow active and passive euthanasia just so someone can have a beating heart is wrong. Also, to allow passive euthanasia means that active euthanasia should be allowed because they both serve the same purpose and are the same morally.
One objection to my argument might be that even in the Smith and Jones example there is a difference between killing and letting die. Since Jones did not physically do anything to the child, and did not take part in any action that intentionally killed the child, what he did was morally permissible. Letting die is morally permissible because it does not involve the direct act of killing someone.
My response to this objection is that even though you might not be directly involved in the killing by not physically doing it, you are still at fault for a person’s death if you have the power to help and you choose not to. In the Smith and Jones case, Jones still had the intention to kill his younger cousin and would have killed him had he not fallen into the tub and drowned on his own. The fact that Jones was able to pull the drowning child out of the tub and chose to do nothing means that what he did was mo...

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...rough at the time messes with their brain and causes them to make rash decisions. My response to this is most people, if not all, think about their death at some point throughout their lives, especially when they are terribly ill. I do believe there are cases where people might make rash decisions about wanting to die via active euthanasia or wanting the cessation of treatment, but I also know there are cases where people have put a lot of thought into this subject, sometimes even before they became ill. The fact is people are capable of making these decisions and so we cannot always say that it is simply the illness that is doing the talking. If there is a case where the person who requests euthanasia is someone who has consistently expressed that euthanasia is something they would be okay with then it is safe to assume that they are capable of making this decision.

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