Actions of Necessity during the Holocaust Essay

Actions of Necessity during the Holocaust Essay

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During times of peril, people will do anything to survive. In Elie Wiesel’s Night and in Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett’s play of The Diary of Anne Frank, the characters Eliezer and Anne Frank respectively face the horrors of the Holocaust, watching as seemingly good natured people show their true faces, stealing, murdering and fighting to be able to survive.
When supplies are low, people steal from those that already have small amounts for their own benefit. In the beginning, Mr.Van Daan did not seem to express selfishness in the Diary of Anne Frank, approving Dussel to live with them when asked, saying that there ‘“was no reason for you to consult [me]… you have the right to do exactly as you please.”’ (Goodrich 43.) His selflessness to help a fellow Jew to avoid being captured showed his integrity. Although his tone suggests that he could care less, he actually doesn’t mind Dussel. However, he later decides to put himself in front of everyone else and even lets his son, along with everyone else, starve. One night, when Mr. Van Daan opens the food safe, and Mrs. Frank spots ...

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