Essay about Actions and Motivations Relatied to Terrorist Network in Somalia

Essay about Actions and Motivations Relatied to Terrorist Network in Somalia

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Terrorist organizations in Somalia, located within the Horn of Africa, present a current threat to the region and to United States (U.S.) interests. This paper will address the implication of a terrorist network within Somalia by analyzing the actions and motivations of Al-Shabab, the Somali Government, and the United States. Al-Shabab is gathering support by using religion, undermining the Somali Government, and by providing jobs and opportunities for the people of Somalia. If Al-Shabab continues growing in power it could lead to more extreme terrorists attacks in Somalia and the region.
One of Al-Shabab’s method of gaining supporters in Somalia is by using religious rhetoric to wage a jihad to eliminate whom they consider enemies of Islam. As stated by Ibrahim,“Al-shabab also began to employ militant ‘crusader’ language to exploit and evoke primitive fears of powerful outsiders, claiming the TFG relied entirely on protection provided by foreign ‘infidels” (Ibrahim 284). They also took advantage of a situation that the Somali Government was having a difficult time enforcing laws and standards in parts of the country. Which led to Al-Shabab to start enforcing Sharia Law as a better alternative than what was in place. Although the people have to deal with “its own harsh interpretation of sharia law, prohibiting various types of entertainment, such as movies and music, the sale of khat (a narcotic plant often chewed), smoking, the shaving of beards, and many other "un-Islamic" activities” (Masters).
In 2006, Al-Shabab threatens the Somali government in Baidoa by trying to overthrow the local government and to setup its own Islamic Courts Union (ICU) courthouses. Somalia was not going to hand over the city, but did not have ...

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...ry, a development hailed by the UN as a sign of improving security” (Galkayo). Now with the help from the United States the Somali government would continue to stabilize.

The U.S has a vested interest in the stabilization of Somalia since “three high-profile foreign terrorists have used Somalia to recruit, train, hide, and smuggle weapons most notably for the 1998 attacks against the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania” (Ibrahim 284). Additionally, the U.S. is helping Somila’s Government To stop extreme terrorists from gaining power by training the troops and giving them more resources. This is seen by having a “ greater coordination between (African Union Mission in Somalia’s) AMISOM and (Somali Transitional Federal Government) TFG forces, and reported training of Somali intelligence operatives by the Central Intelligence Agency. (Alexander Meleagrou-Hitchens)

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