Action Research Vs. Traditional Research Essay

Action Research Vs. Traditional Research Essay

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Action Research vs. Traditional/Basic Research Paper

Research can be defined as collecting data, information, and facts to gain knowledge. Research can be used as a tool to engage an efficient approach to one’s practice and provide them with effective data to make changes based on what he or she may have learned from the research. By conducting research, school administrators gain knowledge about not only their practice but their staff members, students, and district. Thus providing the administrator the abil-ity to make more effective decisions that can bring more success to the school or school district. When conducting research, one may decide to traditional research or action research. This paper will address the differences between action research and traditional research regarding their use in an educational environment, as well provide explanations and examples to delineate their uses in an education setting.
Before action research, the traditional research was the main method of research conduct by schools. Traditional research finds are often generalizations about a concern or problem. This type of research is similar to the scientific method. First, one must identify the problem. Second-ly, form a question, then perform the research. Third, predict response to the question such as a hypothesis. Next, perform some experiment in which the data is examined to verify if the data supports our hypothesis. Afterward, a comprehensive written report is made based on the obser-vations and provides a resolution of the problem.
Traditional research may use quantitative or qualitative research method. According to Hendricks (2009), quantitative research is a general conclusion based on hard data. Hen-dricks describe quantitativ...

... middle of paper ...

...em or concern, collect data, evaluate data, and create action strategies, share results with other participants and reflect-ing. Action research may use both quantitative and qualitative research to assist the researcher in analyzing their research, as well as providing a variety of ways to work differently in the school setting.
Traditional research has broad topic, in contrast to action research that has a specific topic in a specific classroom, school or school district. This paper addressed both traditional and action research, their features and their influence on education. Within the paper there were comparisons between quantitative, qualitative, and action research and how they may be used within the school setting. As a result, educators and researcher can conduct research that may be used to make efficient and effective decisions to make positive changes.

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