The Action Research : Sociotechnical Systems Perspective Essay

The Action Research : Sociotechnical Systems Perspective Essay

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Action research in simple terms can be explained as “learning by doing” (O 'Brien, 2001). It involves learning, identifying a problem, initiating and implementing suitable steps to resolve, observe the actions implemented and repeat the process until it yields expected result.

Figure 1. Susman’s Action Research Model. Adapted from “Action research: sociotechnical systems perspective” by Susman, 1983.
Action research acts as a medium for learning along with a scope to research, above figure projects in detail model of action research. Action research in generally approached in real time scenarios which includes, a process study, or steps involved in project development or operational phase and most of the times primary objective of action research is to initiate a problem solving methodology to extract a solution for a realistic problem (O 'Brien, 2001).
According to Nancy Padak and Gary Padak, action research should be designed by adhering to following pattern of steps to establish a proper goal of research and to achieve it (Nancy & Gary, 2014).
Step1: Identifying and establishing questions that would guide research further to the expected outcome, solving those questions is directly proportional to the progress of the study (Nancy & Gary, 2014).
Step 2: Extracting and collecting appropriate data to establish a proper reasoning and logic to the solved question. This data should support and guide the outcome of the study (Nancy & Gary, 2014).
Step 3: Analyzing the extracted data to support the study and using it to construct a way to solution is a key to the success, but researcher should identify when extracted data shows saturation phase. At this phase extracted data will be robust, stable and not exhibiting any ...

... middle of paper ...

... fixate is on dealing with bona fide issues. Essentially, on the other hand, according to its models, it is picked when circumstances oblige versatility, the incorporation of the people in the research, or change must happen quickly or extensively (O 'Brien, 2001).
In this present study, action research will act as a medium to project and explain the progressive stages of internship, initial phases of internship at Vision Square Inc. involves learning and exploring Microsoft Business intelligence tools, then applying the BI tools emphasis will be made on extracting and reporting data from SQL database, creating tables on the data base along with establishing relationship between entities and elements.
Intended output of this action research is to be able to generate effective administration of SQL database which will be as a part of work flow at Vision Square Inc.

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