Action For Children : An Important Resource For Families Essay

Action For Children : An Important Resource For Families Essay

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Action for Children is an important resource for families because not only does it provide assistance and services for families and children, but it also provides it many ways, such as: dental, hearing, developmental, and vision resources. The resources and services they provide for families are free of charge. Some of the types of programs and services they provide families are: childcare and early learning resources and information, resources and classes for parents, and technical assistance and workshops for parents, and resources that raise awareness and advocates on subject that include child care and early learning program settings. This a good resources for families to use because they give families an opportunity to give their children a quality learning experience, prepare them for success, and provide the support and the advocacy families deserve.

Action for Children has mission statement, values, and goals, which is good for parents, so they can see what Action for Children stands for, and what their priorities are. This is a great resource for parents because, Action for Children helps parents in so many ways. For instance, if parents are looking for a good child care program to take their child to, but don’t know what to look for, this resource provides parents everything they need that will assist them in that. Another way Action for Children supports families is provide resources discussing the individuality of young children, and the stages and experiences young children go through, so parents are acknowledged on what to expect, so they know how to support their child, and how to manage behaviors parents may be concerned about.

Help me Grow is a resource designated for parents who are pregnant or cur...

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...on concerning parenting, health and fitness, and education. They also have a free newsletters to communicate with parents, and provide information on there also.

PBS Parents has sections of informations, and parents look for information from those sectors that meets their needs. Parents can get advice and tips on educating their children, and how to implement learning for them. They can also explore articles discussing matters like development and milestones, how to communicate with children based on their age and development, and how to read and encourage reading for young children. Parents can also learn about disabilities that their child might have and be dealing with, such as: dyslexia or ADHD, ways they they can be an advocate for their child, tips and benefits on healthy eating, being active, and also advice and information from experts about parenting.

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