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Act, Utilitarian, Or Wrong? Essays

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Act Utilitarian
The act utilitarian believes that an action is right if the results are good or wrong if the results are bad. A person who believes in the rule of utilitarianism will judge the doctors based on the results. An example is if the experiment is a success and the cure of cancer is found then, it is a correct. On the other hand, if the experiment fails, the action would be judged as wrong, since no good has come out of it .This will not only paralyze the patient’s health, but the hospital will also have to face punishment due to their unethical behavior (Shafer-Landau, 2014). The fact that the hospital acted in an irrational way it has to be judged as an act of that lacks human decency.
Act utilitarianism is also based on utility. It states that people can have a good time without having to go through pain. A person who believes in the act of utilitarian will state that doctors not informing the patients of their action enhanced their experience during this experiment. This is because they went on with the experiment without distractions from any form of authorities and critics. The doctors have also utilized their time, their patients and resources in carrying out the experiment. In addition, not informing the patients causes them no pain and absolves them from feeling misused by the doctors. Act utilitarianism justifies the rightness of the doctors’ actions out of the reasons they had (Shafer-Landau, 2014). Act utilitarianism is easier said than done because someone can do something terribly wrong and justify the actions through this theory.
Rule Utilitarian
The utilitarian rule states that an action is right if it follows the rules in that particular field. It states that if these rules are followed then it would lea...

... middle of paper ... (Shafer-Landau, 2014). Good-will and moral worth would principle would judge this as a both wrong and right. The aim of the experiment was based on goodwill which is to find a cure for cancer. In accordance with Kantian rules, it is morally wrong to carry out such an activity without the patient’s consent. In conclusion, an action is wrong if it doesn’t follow a rule and is likely to bring harm this is per the act of utilitarian and the Kantian (Shafer-Landau, 2014). People should always make sure that they are not doing something for self -interest or doing something wrong for a good reason. They should always consider factors such as the principle of universalizability before performing an action. This will help make the world a better place and will help get rid of some of the societal immoralities since we can now predict consequences from the various acts.

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