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Act 1 Of Mr. Burns Essay

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Act 1 of Mr. Burns was the only act in the play that places it characters in a casual setting. It was easy to decipher the type of characters the actors were portraying in the scene. For example, the actor who played a meek character ported this by taking up as little space as she could and crouching behind objects. Also, two characters were pretty intimate with each other. They cuddled around the fire when discussing the probability of a power plant shutting down and shared soft smiles with each other. I felt that the characters were allowed to be themselves in this scene compared to the other acts. In Act 2, the characters were at work that called for them to have a professional mindset, even though they were familiar with each other. The director had the most professional mind set, yelling for order and keeping her employees working, However, she was never standoffish with the other members of her crew. She was always in the mix with them, even participating in some of the commercials. Both of the examples shows that she was first in command and a friend. On the other hand, the main actor who played the wife in the commercial stood apart of her cohorts most of the time. She had a commanding presence and exuded a strong aura that made her stand out.
Mr. Burns’ costumes were executed in way I had never seen in a play before. Instead of sticking with one style for costumes, it evolved through out the play. In Act 1, the characters were in the first stages of an apocalypse. The clothes they wore were average and looked like something that would be in a Sear’s catalog. Actually, I did not even think they were in a high stress situation until later in the act. I thought they were just some young adults out having a good time in the...

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...lights were white and covered the entire stage. Another use of light in the act came from the broken television. The characters needed a T.V. for one of their performances and wanted it to look like it was actually on. So, they put a mirror shard in the T.V. that bounced the light from the candle in there to the outside. It created a warm glow that brought some realism into their performance. While the characters in Act 2 wanted some of their performances to be realistic, the performers in Act 3 were on the impressionist side. Most of their light came from candles and dim overhead lighting creating the a dark atmosphere. That was why it was surprise when the miscellaneous lights piled on the side if the stage turned on. Not only did it show that society was capable of harnessing electricity again, but it represented the a new beginning for the characters in the play.

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