Essay on The Act Of Dropping The Atomic Bomb

Essay on The Act Of Dropping The Atomic Bomb

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In contrast, Maier and Selden’s thesis claims the act of dropping the atomic bomb was completely justifiable and not a war crime is the counter argument. Since, both authors address the fact that the world was at war and that aerial bombing was not something new, however, the technology advances were. In addition, their logic is reasonable because at the time of World War II almost everyone was using strategic and tactical aerial bombing, not to mention the Allies wanted to end the war as soon as possible. Thus, the atomic bomb was justifiable, however, it was a war crime. The objective of the tactical bombing was to aim at military targets it achieves its objective, however, killing thousands of lives in the process. The statement by Maier explains that in war there will always be losses, but those losses make an end to war closer in sight. Hence, “War is an evil and is recognized as such, but there are lesser and greater evils, and there has been general agreement in the West that the evil of war should be kept to a minimum ... The concept of “necessity” is usually the license for resorting to war and employing means in warfare that are harmful — but necessity remains a subjective standard. And even necessity has in some cases been ruled out by international agreement as an excuse for bringing harm to civilians, although such agreements are often not honored. War involves a means-end calculation in several ways” (Maier, 2005).
While considering both arguments, on one hand, a thesis states that the use of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki a war crime, and that there was no need for it because the Japanese were showing signs of surrender. While on the other hand, another thesis claims that the act of dropping the atomic bo...

... middle of paper ... would happen again to them or the rest of the Allies. The use of the atomic bomb aided the Allies in getting one step closer to ending the war, however, the use of the bomb had a lot of after effects. Hence, “the four-ton uranium bomb wreaked unprecedented havoc upon the city, killing tens of thousands within seconds. By the end of the year, about 140,000 people had died from the attack and its after-effects” (Kambayashi, 2016). Consequently, it seems that the intentions on the atomic bomb was purely tactical conversely, not knowing the full effects of the bomb make it a war crime because so many lost their lives. Therefore, the use of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was a war crime but, due to the fact that the world was at war and Allie lives were on the line the use of the bombing was justifiable and necessary to draw the war closer to an end sooner.

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