The Act Of Communicating Is A Diverse And Multifaceted Arena Essay

The Act Of Communicating Is A Diverse And Multifaceted Arena Essay

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The act of communicating is a diverse and multifaceted arena, one which allows a variety of styles, uses, and even creativity to convey meaning. Today there are multiple platforms and interfaces, like social media, that people use to express their thoughts and opinions. These social media sites often become an arena for people to display their particular linguistic creativity. Sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram provide a platform for the use of linguistic creativity. This paper will provide a coherent analysis of just such an instance of linguistic creativity as found on the site Twitter.
Twitter is an online social media site that offers a way for people all over the world to communicate their thoughts and opinions, as well as share pictures, videos and links. Those who use Twitter are limited to 140 characters, called ‘tweets’, which can be posted to their personal profiles on the site, and made available for others to see. A person viewing the tweet can then respond to the message or ‘retweet’ it. A retweet means that they copy or forward the tweet to their followers. Followers are people who have elected to subscribe to a particular persons Twitter page. This is the general premise of Twitter and some of the common terms used to describe the actions that transpire on this particular social media site.
According to a website called Statista, at the end of the second quarter of 2016, Twitter had 313 million active users of its site. This number of users is comprised of a wide variety of people from all over the world, this number includes many celebrity users who often carry a large number of their own followers. One such user is a young rap singer named Nicki Minaj, she has a large fan-base both on and off of Twi...

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...ssed a positive attribute towards it with the previous line. The word cold seems to have a double meaning here, the first is that it refers to the amount of diamonds in her jewelry, also referred to as ‘ice’, and that her wrist game is so cold that it has resulted in sneezing (having a cold=sneezing). Finally, in the fans tweet we see the use of pictures or images called emojis. Emojis are often used to portray a writer’s stance in a message, they help to clarify any ambiguity, since there is a lack of paralinguistic or kinesics features in written language. In this context the crying face emoji, signifies a feeling of overjoy, the hand emojis represent a physical representation of throwing one’s hands in the air as an act of agreement/excitement, the hearts signify a like/love of the topic, and finally the snowflake is in reference again to her jewelry, the ‘ice’.

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