Act Like Nothing Is Wrong And Go About Their Workplace Essay

Act Like Nothing Is Wrong And Go About Their Workplace Essay

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to act like nothing is wrong and go about their business like usual. The males often tend to keep their emotions inside, not letting their significant other see that they are sad as to not upset them any more than they already are. Many spouses develop separation anxiety, fearing that if they leave their wife or husband that something will happen. Sometimes, it is too much for the spouse to see them when they are put into hospice, so the spouse says their final goodbye once they see that the other is comfortable and at ease in hospice. Often the spouse has feelings of both relief that their other is finally out of pain, and such sorrow when the other passes. They also may feel guilt if they ever develop feelings for someone else or remarry, as they feel that their family might think badly of them for ever loving someone else other than their late other half.
Unfortunately, parents sometimes are at the losing end of a child with advanced stage cancer in hospice. It depends on the age of their child at the time of their passing, and the extent and time frame of their illness, but most parents take it very hard when they lose their child. My great grandmother lost her husband of 65 years in March, so she has had additionally a very tough time dealing with the loss of one of her daughters. Most parents truly cannot get over the loss for several months at the least. They grow depressed and do not know how to get on with their life for a while, before suddenly they wake up and it seems a little bit better.
The children of the hospice patient with advanced cancer can often have very different reactions and effects due to their parent being overcome with this vicious illness. The effects can range from being angry to being violent (main...

... middle of paper ... these effects. This medication balances your serotonin levels, which control your emotions and feelings. It allows you to get your mindset right and feel happy, and then once you wean yourself off of it, you are supposed to be better.
Hospice is not a morbid place, as much as it is portrayed to be. Every cloud has a silver lining, and hospice can be a place where you can let someone feel it is okay for them to leave. The effects it has overall are sad, but it eventually is all okay. Cancer is truly just an awful, terrible illness that is getting better with the advancements we are having in research and with today’s technology. Together, these two things are not generally looked at positively, which they probably should not be, but finding something to look on the bright side of sometimes does help. As someone once sang, “Every little thing is gonna be alright.”

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