Essay on Act And The Pauline Letters

Essay on Act And The Pauline Letters

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In contrast, God’s peoples receive the covenantal blessing when they keep his covenant by faith. This is the promise of God that we can trace all the way back to Deuteronomy 4, which God has promised to bless us and the generations to come. Since the New Covenant has not changed and no new revelation has been given to shown other options, and so the scripture gives the church no room to live outside of Christ’s New Covenant. So how do we keep the New Covenant as the church goes through various changes in structure, culture, vision and leadership?

The Book of Act and the Pauline letters have given us so much insight since they were written in the historical time of change in the 1st century. In terms of size, the church grew from zero at the cross to a millions. In terms of geography, the church grew from Jerusalem to Asia. In terms of structure, the church grew from a small house church to a mega multisite church. In terms of culture, the church grew from the Jewish culture to the Hellenistic culture. In terms of vision, the church grew from waiting for the coming of the Holy Spiri...

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