Act 1 : A Best Friend Essay

Act 1 : A Best Friend Essay

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Act 1:
A best friend is hard to come by especially one that is loyal and supportive. Marissa was my best friend since the days we ran around pre-school causing trouble. We were one in the same, we were tomboys who loved to play soccer with the boys and hated to wear frilly pink dresses. We had each others back no matter what, well thats what I thought until that cool crisp evening in December.

It was about three days before our schools annual Christmas play and Marissa, myself and two of our other friends, Becca and Vanessa were asked to stay late and finish painting some of the sets. Of course we jumped at the chance to spend some extra time hanging out, since during Christmas break Marissa was going on a family vacation and we wouldn 't be seeing each other much. Things were going great, jingle bells was blasting in the background as we twirled around the room painting the sets. Mr.Fernandes our bubbly, grade five teacher, pranced into the room and asked us to clean up for the night. Marissa and Becca hustled off to the washroom to clean the paint brushes while Vanessa and I scooped up all the paint and headed for the supply closet. I had finished putting all the paint away and was heading back to meet the girls when I saw Marissa heading right for me, she was panting and covered with watery paint residue from head to toe. She grabbed my hand, did not say a word and toed me towards the exit. As soon as we got outside she turned towards me and said, “ If anyone asks I was putting the paint cans away with you, right?” Without hesitation I replied back, “of course you were with me the whole time.” She let out a big sigh and gave me a quick smile before heading towards her mom’s car. As she began to get in she turned to me a...

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...nd Becca.” Vanessa looked at me with tears in her eyes and just started crying. I uttered back the Mr.Laurier, “They are lying, Vanessa and I were putting the paint cans away, we did not do this.” At this point, Mr. Laurier was furious with us and knew that this conversation was pointless. He took a deep breath to calm himself down and stated that he no longer cared who did it, we were all going to clean the washrooms.

Act 3:
Not only were we suppose to clean the washroom that was covered in paint but the other two girls washrooms as well. As we mopped the washroom floor in silence I knew that my relationship with Marissa would never be the same. She had broken the trust we had worked so hard to build and there was no way for us to rebuild it. I learned a bigger lesson though,that you should aways tell the truth because if you don’t it will come back to hurt you.

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