Acne and Acne Treatment Essay

Acne and Acne Treatment Essay

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What is acne? Acne is typically known as a pimple or a clogged pore, medically it is known as Acne Vulgaris. Nearly 85 percent of the human race encounter acne in their lives (American Academy). Acne Vulgaris is a skin disease that involves the oil glands at the base of hair follicles (Medical News). Acne can occur anywhere from the face, neck, chest, back, shoulders, and even the upper arms. There are several factors in which result in the causes of the development of acne. These factors include overproduction of oil, hair follicle blockage, bateria, hormones, stress, and even genetics. Acne can be treated medically, with over the counter products, or even natural remedies. Although over the counter products may contain harsh chemicals, it is one of the most beneficial and effective way to treat acne vulgaris.
Many people believe that acne is is just acne, however, there are various types. Acne ranges from whiteheads, blackheads, papules, pustules, nodules, and cysts. Whiteheads remain under the skin and are very small. Blackheads are visible and they appear black on the surface of the skin. Papules are also visible on the surface of the skin, they are small bumps that are usually pink. Pustules, similar to papules are also visible on the surface of the skin. They are red at their base and contain pus in the upper portion within the pore. Nodules can be seen on the surface of the skin and are usually large, solid pimples that are painful and buried deep within the skin. Cysts can also be seen visibly on the surface of the skin. They contain pus and are quite painful. Cysts can also easily cause scars or hyperpigmentation.
Although acne can leave scars, they are not dangerous. Within the human skin, there are pores which are ...

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