Acid Rain, Global Warming, And Air Quality Essay

Acid Rain, Global Warming, And Air Quality Essay

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Acid rain, global warming, and air quality are all leading problems in today 's society, but the world could eliminate these complications by putting time and money into alternative energy. Alternative energy can effectively reduce the amount of fossil fuels used. “Around 90% of energy used in the world today is made by fossil fuels” (Tjblackwell 1). Alternative energy cannot replace the use of all fossil fuel, but any amount of alternative energy use can be effective. Methods of these energy alternatives can save the earth from running out of fossil fuels. Also, they can decrease the amount of pollution released into the air each and every day.
Alternative energy is the way the world must go in order to stop the earth from destruction. Alternative energy is energy created and used in an environmentally friendly fashion. This energy does not produce an immense amount of carbon monoxide like that of fossil fuels. There are five different types of alternative energies. These consist of solar, wind, geothermal, biomass, and hydroelectric power. Fossil fuels are substances found underneath the earth’s crust that are made from animal and plant remains that have decayed over millions of years. For these substances to fuel a machine and make energy the atoms have to be split. There are three different types of fossil fuels: oil, natural gases, and coal.
If people on earth keep using fossil fuels at the rate which they are being used, earth is predicted to run out in one hundred to two hundred years (Tjblackwell 1). Not only will the supply run out but earth 's temperatures will increase tremendously because of the amount of carbon monoxide being trapped in the earth 's atmosphere from fossil fuel pollution. With this taking...

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...uld be removed from our current practice. The problem Americans face is there is no possible way they can get people to stop using coal. However, if one thinks about it, education and awareness can help to end some of our excessive use of coal and help switch to a more health friendly and efficient energy alternative choices. Backing off of coal is a massive step forward in saving earth from destruction. The same with natural gases and oil if Americans just take steps back from using harmful fossil fuels each day the rate of global climate change will gradually slow down.
Black gold or better know as oil is the reason many Americans live such an easy lifestyle. Without oil one could not travel in any efficient way. Think how hard it would be to get groceries, clothes, or any necessities without a way of transportation. Not only does oil have an impact on human

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