Acid Rain And Its Effects On The Environment Essay

Acid Rain And Its Effects On The Environment Essay

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What is Acid Rain? Acid Rain is rainfalls made sufficiently acidic by atmospheric pollution that causes environmental harm, typically to forests and lakes. The main cause is industrial burning of coal and other fossil fuels, the waste gases from which contain sulfur and nitrogen oxides, which combine with the atmosphere water to form acid.
That basically explained how acid rain is create and what it is. Acid rain basically is form from pollution being polluted to the atmosphere and combine with other little particles containing lots of mixed chemicals in the air which is being absorbed by the clouds, than being marinated together and when it rain that is what’s coming from the clouds not pure rain toxic rain. Acid Rain is released into ways which are wet and dry. Wet is removed from the atmosphere and distributed into the earth surfaces. Dry is polluted when gases is release like dust and smoke and so forth that sticks to the ground. That is dangerous because when it rains, it washes of the chemical into many different oceans and other water sources. Decreasing the amount of fuel being burned can reduce a high level of chemicals that is being distributed in the atmosphere.
Many years ago rain was drinkable water before the factories and all the harmful chemicals that was burned. You could take a bucket outside and collect rain for drinking water and much more. Rain also was helpful for plants and animals keeping them growing and health, however now it is harming lakes where lots of animals drink from putting chemicals in their bodies and killing plants, also it is harming humans as well, because we eat a lot of fruits and veggies that contain rain water for a feeding resource and animals too. In addition acid rain also comes f...

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...ention to because it is hurting this planet and not too many people know that. We need to reduce the amount of energy being used and how much material being repeatedly made by factors, limiting the transporting system, try to find ways to transport materials using less energy. Recycling can limit all of that by recycling you do not have to keep getting new items, for instance bottles, cans, and so forth can be reused unlimited of times and will not have to be remade and can help change the amount of energy being used to create something that was already made. In many ways people can help save our environment, and help save this planet from global warming you just got to be willing to go the extra mile to help recycle and use less energy. Also cutting down on transportation that burns a lot of fuel. Decreasing lots energy usage can save some much of the living system.

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