Essay on Acid Leaching Is The Process Of Reacting Unwanted Minerals On The Gas

Essay on Acid Leaching Is The Process Of Reacting Unwanted Minerals On The Gas

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Acid leaching is the process of reacting unwanted minerals on the coal with the aqueous acid solution in order to create removable salts in an aqueous setting. This leaching, with certain Acids, is unable and can rarely remove the organic sulfur. For example, a solution of 15% Hydrogen peroxide alone was able to remove 70% sulfur sulfate, 76% pyritic sulfur, 5% organic sulfur and 14% ash at 25˚C (Meshram, Purohit, 2015). However, by adding 0.1 mol/L Sulfuric Acid to act as a catalyst, almost all of the sulfur sulfate and pyritic sulfur, 43% of the ash, and over 26% of the organic sulfur were removed (Meshram, Purohit, 2015). The catalyst improves the reaction by moving the oxygen and pyrite molecules together so that they may react easier. The Acid leaching process often involves two different acid solutions in two different leaches on order to extract to greatest amount of unwanted minerals. Figure 3 shows a two-step process, Hydrogen fluoride leach followed by a Nitric acid leach, attempted in various different experiments involving multiple types of coal with various ash and sulfur weight percentages. The results from the experiments vary but all show a large decrease in the weight percentage of ash and sulfur.

The combination of the two proves as an effective method of desulfurizing coal as leaching with an alkali will create hydrated alkali-bearing silicate, alumina-silicate complexes (Groppo, Parekh, 2000). These complexes can be manipulated to react with acids to produce effective results.

The bio-processing of coal is an emerging technology with two primary aims: the cleaning of coal through microbial processes and coal conversion (Meshram, Purohit, 2015). Coal is decayed plant or animal matter that has been altered by...

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...thods are able to remove inorganic sulfur cost effectively and efficiently, while the chemical method is able to remove the organic sulfur effectively. The majority of coal processing plants use physical methods followed by a flue gas desulfurization with wet scrubbers, because this has proved to be cost efficient but it creates a large amount of toxic waste due to the wet scrubbers. The recommended method of the desulfurization of coal from this analysis is a combination of physical methods, followed by a chemical process, in order to maximize removal of sulfur. Using this method will also be within the regulations of 150 parts per million, and will be ecologically positive (Meshram, Purohit, 2015). The regulations are always becoming stricter regarding the amount of emissions allowed and this method will be the most effective in following the future regulations.

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