Essay on Achilles Is A Heroic Figure

Essay on Achilles Is A Heroic Figure

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1. In The Iliad, Homer’s main protagonist, Achilles, is a heroic figure. Achilles’ reputation precedes him as being the most powerful warrior in The Iliad. Son of a soldier and sea-nymph, when Achilles was a baby his mother took him to the underworld and dunked him into the river Styx which made him immune to death, his only vulnerability was his ankle where his mother held him. His invulnerability made him a warrior unmatched in battle which made his skills legendary. There was a prophecy made for Achilles that if he chose to go to war he would be the greatest warrior of his time, but he would die in war. Overall, Achilles is a perfect example of providing legendary significance in The Iliad and providing a heroic protagonist. The Iliad also has supernatural forces that help drive the storyline. The backstory of The Iliad actually begins with the three goddesses: Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite as they fight over who is the fairest. Unable to come to a conclusion, the three goddesses ask Paris, a prince of Troy to pick between the three of them. Paris chooses Aphrodite and she rewards his decision by promising him the most beautiful woman in the world, Helen, who also happens to be married to the King of Sparta. Paris decides to take Helen for himself back to Troy which begins the war. In the beginning of The Iliad, Agamemnon takes the daughter of a priest of Apollo. After the priest offers to pay the ransom, which Agamemnon refuses, Apollo sets a plague on the Greeks which results in Agamemnon agreeing to release his war prize but wants Achilles’ war prize in exchange, insulted by the request Achilles refuses to fight which hurts the Greeks in battle. Another example of gods involvement in The Iliad is when Achilles is confrontin...

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...hers.” (p. 778)
Here Confucius explains how men used to study to become gentlemen in order to improve themselves. However, Confucius mentions now that they study only for the attention and praise to impress others around them. Today’s society is the same way. It seems people don’t want to improve themselves with education and obtain the most they can from it but instead do just enough to appease others. For example, if someone had a career goal in mind they device a plan to reach that goal because it is an achievement that they want for themselves. Whereas if another person has no plan for their life they might just finish high school in hopes of appeasing their mother with no plans of the future for themselves. Another example would be if someone does continue with schooling but only to reap the rewards and reputation not the knowledge or experience of the work.

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