Achieving More By Avoiding? Essay

Achieving More By Avoiding? Essay

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Achieve more by avoiding

Since our childhood, we have been taught to facing all challenges. Parents like to tell use the story about how those brave heroes who never give up and finally become successful. With this kind of education, in our deep mind, escaping is a shameful thing, and good kids should never do that. When I was a kid, like other children, I always assumed that I 'm a good kid, and good kids never give up. However, when I began to learn English, I never know that I will go aboard for college. Because at least that time, learning English was a painful experience for me. And when everyone told me it 's not ok to avoid it, someone said that actually it 's just OK.

When I was 6, My parents send me to a after school club called Pioneer English. I had a good English grade in school so I thought that would be easy for me. In the class, I learned grammars and vocabelaries that are far behind our school 's process. Personally, there were lots of points of I could not understand. But I don 't have the courage to tell my mom and dad or the teachers. I was afraid of being a "s...

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