Achievements of Nelson Mandela Essay

Achievements of Nelson Mandela Essay

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Former South African President and 1993 Nobel prize winner, Nelson Mandela is a great political and moral leader of our times. Over 80 years old, he continues to work tirelessly for those who need his help, demonstrating clearly all the qualities that make him into a great leader:


One of the qualities of a good leader is a strong clear vision and the ability to convey it. You need to understand where you want to lead your people, how you plan to get them there, and the ability to communicate this destination to your people. Nelson Mandela was able to do that admirably.
When the African National Congress was first formed in 1912, its main objective was to end the White people’s domination and create a multi-racial South Africa. As a leader in the African National Congress Youth League, Nelson Mandela made the ANC vision his vision. In response to the new apartheid policies, the ANC Youth League drafted Program of Action calling for mass strikes, boycotts, protests and passive resistance. These were implemented, which resulted in the organization acquiring more activist.During his 27 years in prison, Nelson Mandela continued to act as a great political leader to the people of South Africa, communicating his vision through his wife, Winnie Mandela, and the people who were able to gain access to him and bring out word. He became a political icon then and the world associated South Africa’s freedom with his freedom.On his release from prison, South Africans faced a new challenge: how to create multi-racial society and let past transgressions go. This is where Nelson Mandela shined as a moral leader. He managed to put a new vision into the hearts of the South African people. Revenge would not bring South Africa the much ...

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...ns between the Israel and Palestine. In such situations, he was able to say what needs to be done, and to give the people the confidence that things can be worked out. Quite remarkable when the people involved have been in conflict for decades.


Nelson Mandela simplifies matters, he does not complicate them. We all know what he stands for. So when there is conflict, his policy is: what is best for all people concerned? What bring happiness, justice, human dignity, peace and prosperity to the people?

No airs

Nelson Mandela knows clearly who he is, and does not try to have airs. This is demonstrated by the way the people of South Africa address him. To many people, he is Madiba (his first name) or Tata (Grandfather). Even during his presidency, few South Africans thought of him as Mr President, even though it was entitled he had earned and deserved.

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