The Achievements Of Ancient Egypt Economy Essay

The Achievements Of Ancient Egypt Economy Essay

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The agriculture and geographic location contributed to the achievement of Ancient Egypt Economy. The Nile River was conveniently located right next to Egypt, making the soil fertile and allowed the Egyptians to create an abundance of food. The economic surplus in Egypt was strictly controlled and protected, by its leaders and citizens. Although, when mother nature would take over the economic surplus went away, which lead to the civilization coming to an end. The success of Egypt’s economy came from the abundance of agriculture, the strict rules on surplus and from the citizens all working together to create the surplus.
How is Surplus Created and Sustained?
The land the farmers used was by the river, so they were able to grow crops quickly and irrigate them with the river water, by making canals and ditches. They used the natural resources around them to create irrigation systems, not only was surplus needed, but citizens began to become employed to do labor. The Egyptians learned the seasons and when floods would occur, making the growing season start in October and end in February. With the abundance of crops that farmers would grow the other Egyptians were able to focus on technology, art, and culture. Agriculture was not the only surplus they could easily sustain. Egypt had a large amount of natural resources ranging from stone, copper, lead and gold. These resources enabled them to build monuments, design clothes and make tools. They sustained the surplus by growing more agriculture and mining, which led them to trading. Egyptians imported and exported goods from countries close to them. They would import items that were luxurious and items that they could not find or make in Egypt. They exported items such as, vases, linen...

... middle of paper ...’s economy was so organized leading them to be more advanced than many other civilizations. They controlled it well and would make smart decisions with their surplus, making them have a great economy and a lasting effect on the world today.

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