The Achievement Of A Student 's Literacy Essay

The Achievement Of A Student 's Literacy Essay

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Students in today’s academic systems are not comprehending and understanding the full concepts that are being portrayed to them through the lessons in which they are taught over the time period of their lives in school. They are expected to know things that aren’t fully explained to them in great detail. These slight faults in student’s literacy can be reformed and improved with the help of those around them. Mike Rose claims in Lives on the Boundary: A Moving Account of the Struggles and Achievements of America’s Educationally Underprepared, that the academic system tries to give generic descriptions instead of identifying and assisting students with gaps in their background knowledge in literacy. Rose explains that this kind of help could have fixed the actual roots of the problems Suzette, Marita, and Millie had in their literacies that Rose clarifies through his stories.
With this in mind, one can conclude that Rose would be the one to help find the root of these students problems in their literacies. Rose had came across a young woman named Suzette whom had issues with fragments in her English writing class (Rose 170). She had written a paper with a couple of sentences in it that presented as fragments. In Suzette’s mind she had a previous notation or thought that starting numerous sentences in a row after one another with the same word wasn’t considered intelligent nor college level material writing (Rose 171). Where did she get this idea? I’m not sure, but I was told the same in high school that it wasn’t considered good writing if you did so. Why do high schools give students a different outlook on what colleges are looking for in our literacy? Suzette came into college with an impression that was brought up upon her ab...

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...presenting was due to her prior beliefs that sentences couldn’t start with the same word and wanted to sound more intelligent. Next example Rose demonstrates is Marita copied almost word for word from an encyclopedia to her paper because she didn’t know how to properly paraphrase or in-text citation her information correctly. Then, Rose explains how Millie couldn’t decipher directions accurately and got stuck on prefixes because she could relate to too many examples, instead of focusing on the task at hand, which is the prefix of the word and not the word in itself. Therefore, in order to successfully get to the core or root of a problem in a student’s literacy is to ask why they did what they did in their literacy and decide what the best course of action is to take from there in order to help them with their specific problems they are having with their literacies.

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