Essay about The Achievement Gap And State Budget Problems

Essay about The Achievement Gap And State Budget Problems

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When dealing with my leadership role I can take the ideas from the appendix from the examples created by the Creating a Future Advisory Committee (Marx, 2006, pgs. 171-173). When becoming a future-focused leader I will deal with many issues that Marx did a great job of outlining in his book. The two issues that the advisory committee discussed that stood out to me were closing the achievement gap and state budget problems. These are two issues I have faced in my educational career. I have been a part of a budget cut when I worked in the state of Arizona. Being a budget cut is devastating experience. I have never experienced such emotions from my career in my lifetime. It put a lot of stress on my family. This is a scenario that needs to be discussed more within schools that might have to cut their budget. The closing the achievement gap is an issue at my current school. We have implemented PLC groups to help dissect data and help devise plans of improvement based on our teaching expertise. I think working towards a common goal of achievement is great for our staff especia...

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