Achieve Business Goals Through Employee Feedback, Coaching, and Communication

Achieve Business Goals Through Employee Feedback, Coaching, and Communication

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To reach strategic goals it’s essential not to overlook employee performance. Failure to achieve goals comes through a lack of feedback, coaching and communication of objectives/goals with by in from the employee. In this essay we have an individual who ‘exceled’ in the position of warehouse picker/packer but when moved to the position of a sales representative there was an adverse effect. From here we defined a development plan based off the performance review to improve their result and output. This we’ve executed through the use of Franklin Coveys ‘The four Disciplines of execution’ methodology.
The Four Disciplines of Execution by Franklin Covey’s has been of great assistance in our organisation to create accountability around goals and strategies to drive results;
1. Focus on the Wildly Important Goals( WIGS- A goal that makes all the difference. Failure to achieve this goal renders any other achievements inconsequential.)
a. Sub-wigs must ensure that success of the parent-WIGS
b. Finish Line: From X to Y by When.
2. Act on the lead Measure. Something that leads to the goal(predictive) Something that we can influence (Influence-able)
3. Create a compelling scoreboard. Needs to feel like a game.
a. Simple
b. Highly Visible to the players.
c. Have the Right “LEAD” and “LAG” Measures.
d. Tell US Immediately if We Are Winning or Losing.
4. Create a cadence of accountability. A 20 minute meeting every week for every team that owns a wildly important goal and happens the same time each week. In this meeting you do not discuss the whirlwind even if the building is on fire. And everyone on the team shows up thinking about the same critical question: What are the 1-3 most important things I can do this week to impact the scoreboar...

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...usekeeping- Maximum number of overdue client follow-up tasks at the COB (4.45pm) is 5 prospects. The follow-up manager runs an overdue opportunity report on CRM each day at 5pm and enters the total number of the overdue opportunities into the one-on-one meeting agenda report.
If there’s an increase of $4000 on the their personal daily sales run rate for three consecutive months, then management is going to purchase them a new company vehicle of their preference (with a budget of course) With the personal development plan for the staff member in questions we haven’t created an individual scorecard for the for the three goals(sub-WIGS) (Time Management, Focus & Housekeeping), however they do ensure the success of their Lag & Lead results on the sales Team scoreboard. The LAG & LEAD measure that they compete with on the scoreboard with the rest of the sales team are

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