The Accuracy of Nowadays Knowledge Essay

The Accuracy of Nowadays Knowledge Essay

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The accuracy of nowadays knowledge
Humans society functions mainly based on the common knowledge that most of us agree on. Most of time, people trust the knowledge they currently
possess without much doubt. However, sometime the objective facts that we
believe in may re-evaluated and redefined by the experience we progressively
gained and discovery of new evidence from different perspectives. Hence, the
question is raised, does all the knowledge we rely on at the present day credible?
In other word, will all the knowledge we all accepted today still be accepted in the
near future or be discarded? A knowledge issue can thus elaborated from the previous questions: To what extent can the present knowledge in the areas of natural science and ethics be considered as a perpetually acceptable knowledge? In this essay, I will be focused on analyzing this question based on these two area of knowledge since the knowledge that they present offers more objective.

Knowledge in natural science is considered one of the most consistent and
objective among all the knowledge in other area, since the facts (what we
considered as facts from today's perspective) claimed by this area is extremely
hard to argue against and highly evidence based. Most of people trust doubtlessly the knowledge from this area and believe that this is the truth of the universe. As a science student, I trust completely the fundamental laws in physics, chemistry and all the other natural
science related topics due to the fact that they seems very reasonable to me,
additionally I do not possess enough knowledge to doubt. However, I have
already encountered the change of the knowledge that we have learnt as a fundamental truth. For example, in ...

... middle of paper ...

...considered as a perpetually acceptable knowledge in a enclosed society that people do not have variations of thoughts. Hence this knowledge in today's context, with the power of globalization, would change over time and some of them will be discarded.
In conclusion, the knowledge in natural science and in ethics can be considered as a perpetually acceptable knowledge under certain conditions, such as knowledge should remain consistent after enormous evaluations or in an enclosed society. Even though these two area provide knowledge that are considered more objective, not all of these knowledge can be perpetually acceptable, some have been proven wrong and thus discarded by human. Therefore, by following this pattern, the knowledge we believe are truth today may sometimes be discarded tomorrow. Then, to what extent human rely on the knowledge they possess?

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