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Accrual Basis Accounting Essay

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Accrual Basis Accounting

Accrual accounting is a system of accounting that is based on the accrual principal accounting. This principal requires revenue to be recognized and recorded when earned. Expenses are to be recorded when they occur. The accrual basis of accounting is used by most companies. Very small businesses and individuals use cash basis accounting.
The major distinction between the accrual and the cash basis of accounting is when revenue and expenses are recognized. When the cash method is used, revenue is recorded when money is received. Expenses are recorded only when money is paid. The Accrual method accounts for revenue when it is earned. Expenses for goods and services are recorded when they are incurred. The revenue and expenses are recorded even if is recorded even if cash has not been received or if expenses have been incurred but no cash has been paid. Accrual accounting is the most common method used by businesses.
The specific balance sheet accounts that are related to accrual accounting are liabilities and non-cash-based assets. The specific accounts that relate to accruals include among others accounts payable, accounts receivable, deferred tax liability and future interest expense.
Accrued revenue is the unpaid amount due for goods or services that have been deliveried to the customer. This is sales has been recognized. When cash is received in a later period, the amount is deducted from accrued revenues. Accrued revenue: is revenue that is recognized before the company receives cash.
Accrued expense is a liability that exists for a pending obligation that payment is due for goods or services that have been received. The cash will be paid in a latter accounting period when the payment amount w...

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...sed to facilitate moving liabilities off the balance sheet or hide investment losses. Related-party transactions may lack the pricing objectivity, and accounting estimates related to these transactions are likely to be more subjective and self-serving. The more entities the firm creates, the bigger the red flag.

Is the current economic environment forcing managers into a difficult position? The slowing of the general economy or industry-specific economic conditions decreases sales while increasing bad debts and obsolete inventory. The operating performance decline is amplified by the reversals of prior-period accruals based on recent experience. The original accounting estimates were made under very different economic conditions. As the economy or industry slows, managers may find it increasingly difficult to meet the earnings objectives set during the boom times.

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