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Since technology is getting more developed time after time, many of life aspects has been influenced by the presence of computer as a remarkable innovation in human history. The emerging of a new concept called Computerized Accounting Information System (CAIS) particularly, is one example of this “cutting-edge calculator’s” intervention on bookkeeping activities. As many companies tend to apply this new frame to treat their transaction recordings, many accounting software developers try to provide an advanced computer program as the main engine of the companies’ CAIS. Some of the softwares are declared that it does not need anymore accountant assistances in dealing with financial matters. This claim has sparked a heated debate about whether or not companies could use software as a substitusion to accountant in the future. This essay will discuss arguments from both sides and describe the reasons why accountants still play an important role in making an economical decission.

First of all, this paper will define Accounting Information System (AIS) as a system which is designed to transfer any accounting information to become a reliable financial report and provide the report to stakeholders which will make any business decisions on the grounds of this economical statement. Related to the preceding definition, a Computerized Accounting Information System (CAIS) is a modified version of AIS with an involvement of computer, either hardware or software, in stages of the report production. Meanwhile, the term of Accounting Software can be explained as a tool which is providing features to ease bookkeeping tasks. To avoid the discussion goes too broad, Accountant interpretation will also be hedged as a person who has an educational bac...

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...also cited by Mongeon, not providing a hard copy of recorded transactions could also make it difficult to monitor the data, when the software storing the information needs an upgrade, because a time wasting conversion that requires a huge amount of money will come as a consequence if there are some changes in business principles. Therefore, a printed copy of transaction treatment which has been authorized manually by accountant is still necessary in any accounting information system although the system has been computerized.

In conclusion, although the necessity of time and expense efficiency could be satisfied by well designed accounting softwares, companies should also look at its harm potential if it is not accompanied by accountants who able to prevent some errors such as unbalanced and wrong number contained reports which may jeopardize business performers.

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