Accounting Scandals: The ENRON Scandal in 2001 Essay

Accounting Scandals: The ENRON Scandal in 2001 Essay

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Accounting Scandals:
Accounting fraud refers to fraud that is committed by a company by maintaining false information about the sales and income in the company books, when overstating the company's assets or profits, when a company is actually undergoing a loss. These fraudulent records are then used to seek investment in the company's bond or security issues. By showing these false entries, the company attempts to apply fraudulent loan applications as a final attempt to save the company by obtaining more money from bankruptcy. Accounting frauds is actually done to hide the company’s actual financial issues.
A clear example of accounting fraud is the act of purposely overpricing a company's assets in order to increment its share price. Another example is due to financial problems, saving company from collapsing. One of the biggest accounting frauds in history occurred during the Enron scandal in 2001.
Accounting ethics has been difficult to control as accountants and auditors must keep in mind the interest of the public while that they remain employed by the company they are auditing. The accountants should take into account how to best apply accounting standards when company faces issues related financial loss. The role of accountant is crucial to society. They serve as financial reporters to owe their primary constraint to public interest. The information provided is critical in aiding managers, investors and others in making crucial economic decisions. An accountant is responsible for any fraudulent financial reporting. Some examples of fraudulent reporting are:
• Manipulation, falsification (forgery), or alteration of accounting records or documents from which the financial statements are prepared.
• Misrepresentation i...

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... inventory turnover was found to be very low. The low inventory turnover ratio was an indicator of inadequacy, since inventory usually has a rate of return of zero (Inventory Turnover Ratio Interpretation, 2009). It also implied either poor sales or excess inventory. A low turnover rate indicated poor liquidity, convincible overstocking, and obsolescence, but it would have also reflected a planned inventory build-up in the case of material shortages or in anticipation of rapidly rising prices. (Inventory Turnover Ratio Interpretation, 2009) And a rapid and unexplained rise in the number of sales per day in receivables in addition to growing inventories to cover the shortage was noted. The interviewee (Public Accountant) could smell something suspicious which led him for more detailed procedures and proactive investigation at the end of which a fraud was detected.

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