Essay on Accounting Case Study ( China Manufacturers )

Essay on Accounting Case Study ( China Manufacturers )

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4.3 Case Study (China Manufacturers)
In last 20 years China became one of the more influential and fast growing countries in the world due to the economical element by some trading and import export business. This changing created better living conditions and affluence enlivenment for Chinese citizens, the result is increasing in the Chinese consumers purchasing power and capital of their bank account. which leaded many new Chinese entrants of toy companies or manufacturers established to produce brick toy similar LEGO type in China and they are targeting to export infringing brick toy and aim to occupy LEGO 's market share. China manufacturers were built up factories in Guangdong, Shantou - Chenghai and Dongguan which is named world factory base in the world, those areas were mainly toy manufactory for supplying demand of whole world toy market.

A lots of Chinese manufacturers have been making LEGO type infringing brick. A quick research of the AliExpress export website shown a list of 50 companies producing interlocking brick toy with probably 25 companies were doing toy similar LEGO type. Those manufacturers based in Chenghai that is core producer for world reputation toy company like Mattel and Hasbro as well. According the huge demands of valuable box sets produced by LEGO, especially some product line featured licensing animation like Marvel and DC comics super hero. Due to the related movies were keep released in these 5 years, it brings the big noise from market which customers are fascinating with those super hero box sets and it could be higher return investment tools than investment in gold. Therefore, many illegal businessmen of brand like Decool and Coko were targeting this specified customer needs and proceeded m...

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...a. Also, it makes unexpected social issue such as lost sales € 327million in Germany which affects the economic benefit of country. Moreover, this is extra case of unemployment rate that there are over 1500 number of job losses due to counterfeit toys issue in Germany.

Quick Summary
According those figure charts above, we could conclude that because of the huge demand of LEGO type brick toy from China, Europe and America market. It brings the many Chain illegal businessmen begin produce infringing patent product for commercial purpose which supplied counterfeit to domestic China market and aim to make profit of export product to the both EU and US market.

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