Essay on The Accounting Career and Its Contributions to Society

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Since the day we are able to comprehend, our parents have tried to set a good example for us to understand the importance of right and wrong and how to act in many situations. As we get older to attend school, our teachers, family, and friends also influence our daily lives. During our journey to adulthood, we come across everyday challenges of whether to be ethical or unethical in situations we find ourselves in. When entering our career profession, we are taught and trained by the company to understand their ethical codes of conduct, such as in an accounting career. The accounting career has been an increasing and prominent profession that continues to play a valuable role to society. Because accountants serve as financial reporters and mediators, the information they provide requires a high level of ethics in assisting executives, investors, and other businesses in making critical financial decisions. Ethical misconduct by accountants can be damaging to society, resulting in distrust by the public and business operations. However, there are many influences and pressures placed on accountants as well as creditors, stockholders, and other parties affected by financial decisions. For example, in September 2004, Jay Reeves of The Washington Post had written that HealthSouth, “the largest U.S. operator of rehabilitation-hospitals, was under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Justice Department for allegedly overstating earnings by $2.5 billion since 1999.” This accounting scandal had put several people in prison for the unethical decisions they decided to participate in. Another example of a major company’s unethical decision making is well known as Enron. According to the University of Washington Mich...

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...lp us determine what is considered to be ethical in various situations. However, in the end, we must evaluate moral issues for ourselves, and taking into consideration both the facts and ethical situations involved.

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