Accountability And Profit : Corruption And The Exploitation Of Innocent Citizens

Accountability And Profit : Corruption And The Exploitation Of Innocent Citizens

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Accountability and Profit
Last year, 2015, a “John Doe” hacked and leaked 11 ½ million sensitive documents from a mysterious Panama law firm to a German newspaper immediately beating the record for the largest leak in the history of the world. Until earlier this April, however, none of this reached public ears, but after a year of 400 journalists secretly sifting through the content, the documents began a public release. Within hours of release, it shocked the world with the content: 12 world leaders, 140 politicians and 50 countries caught in money laundering and billions of dollars’ worth of tax evasion. This example points out where globalization and commerce continue to scale up profits, organized corruption, and the exploitation of innocent citizens, the lack of accountability in society acts as a deterrent to justice and detrimental to the well-being of entire societies. The resignation of various heads of state along with the initiation of various internal investigations in this case demonstrated though that accountability on behalf of society’s welfare is possible even on a global level. Furthermore, in spite of social unrest or even open conflict potentially resulting from accountability, the welfare of society necessitates the open redressing and manifestation of justice. Therefore, the common good of a society, necessitates public accountability.
Due to human nature, in absence of public accountability, resources and burdens often become unfairly distributed in a society. When need for distributive justice called upon by an individual or component of society becomes ignored and burdens become unfairly distributed, one subsequent risk is bloodshed. In a dramatic example, slavery unfairly placed burdens on a minority u...

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...only suits the ideals of the common good but examining with concern the impact and welfare of one’s neighbors acts as a mere extension of the ideas in the first place. Within the issues of the common good resound the issues of distributive, compensatory and retributive justice not only within societies individually, but with other societies externally. A partial promotion of the common good via concern only with one’s nations’ own well-being without an examination of the injustices committed by other nations suggests an internal contradiction of ideals. Globalization redefined the boundaries of society, interlacing them with those of other societies while expanding the need for accountability in promoting the common good. Therefore, inaction towards deficiencies in the common good not only domestically, but internationally actively promote injustice in each sphere .

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