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The following three days passed by without Karl and Carol reaching any definite conclusion or solution about their investment.

On Thursday, they were invited by the Davidson’s to a dinner party celebrating their twenty-second wedding anniversary. It was a small party, attended by around fifteen couples, and by 11PM. the party was in full swing, with the thirty odd guests mingling, drinking and discussing various topical subjects and gossiping, as is always the case in parties like this.

The topic under discussion was about the rise in cost of living especially rents and how difficult it was to save nowadays. Soon this turned itself into a full fledged debate on the country’s current economic position and how hopeless and bleak the future looked ahead if the cost of living and in particular, rents continued to rise.

Susan talked about how her landlord had once again increased their apartment rent, and that too without any justification or warning, whilst Ben chipped in a about how his landlord was trying to evict old tenants from the building, so that he could rent out the apartments to newer tenants at exorbitantly inflated prices. Everyone was chipping into the conversation, putting in their two-bits and narrating horrific tales, that they had heard or in extremely rare cases experienced themselves.

From rents, the topic turned to jails and how the nation’s jail was over-crowded with debtors and how most of these debtors were victims of poor laws or absence of proper laws. A case in point, and one avidly discussed, was the absence of any sort of bankruptcy law in this nation.

In this country there was no such thing as bankruptcy. If by chance you owed money or were in debt, and were unable to pay it back, then un...

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... of what is paid to them and return the balance. I already did this math two days ago and therefore I am so sure about it now.”

Carol relaxed visibly on hearing all this, but still maintained her plans by saying, “Even so, I feel it is time for us to go back. I am not interested in great wealth, all I am interested is in staying with you and growing old together with you.”

“I know that love, and that is why I adore you so. You are everything to me too. Now let us lighten up our moods and enjoy our brunch.” Saying so he got up and led Carol to the sumptuous brunch table, where they piled their plates from the goodies on display laid out before them.

Math has a funny way of proving logic wrong although it solely relies on logic itself. How wrong Karl’s math was, would soon reveal itself, even before he left this hotel, even before he left this brunch room.

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