Account for the Changes in Soviet Society between 1929 and 1941. Essay

Account for the Changes in Soviet Society between 1929 and 1941. Essay

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Stalin's arrival as the undisputed leader of the Bolshevik party in 1929 changed all aspects of Russian society over the next decade. His influence was felt through all spheres of society as the lives of Russian citizens were severely influenced by his policies. Collectivisation was one of the first policies Stalin implemented which had a large influence on Soviet Society. Then came the mass industrialisation and the Five Year plans which had a vast impact on the Soviet economy. The purges, show trials and terror were an instrument for Stalin to maintain a hold on his power and were a large political change in Soviet Society. Soviet foreign policy also changed largely in the decade from 1929 to 1941.

Collectivisation was one of the most drastic changes to the economy in the Soviet Society under Stalin. Collectivisation was a policy of acquiring the privately owned land by peasants and joining them together as a collective farms (or sovkhoz). The larger farms were aimed to increase productivity which enabled cheaper production and therefore cheaper prices. The implementation of the NEP saw the return of a richer class of peasants or Kulaks which Stalin stomped down hard on. Stalin intended to “Liquidate the kulaks as a class”. The introduction of collectivisation was a considerable change from the NEP that was implemented before Stalin’s rise to power. Collectivisation achieved its goal of supplying enough food to the Red Army and cities but the peasants suffered greatly. There was widespread famine under collectivisation and peasant opposition led to a reduction in grain production from 73 million in 1928 to 67 million in 1934. Collectivisation did have some benefits such as controlling the peasants and the countryside. Mo...

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