Accomplishments Of Helen Keller Essay

Accomplishments Of Helen Keller Essay

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The Life and Accomplishments of Helen Keller
What does living a life with hearing and vision loss entail? In the 1800's many deaf children were seen as an embarrassment and disposition for their families, but in 1880 a child was born that would change the depiction of impaired children forever. On June 27, 1880 Helen Keller, a perfectly healthy child was born into a wealthy family. Unfortunately, 19 months later she fell incredibly ill resulting in the loss of both her sight and hearing. Due to her inability to effectively communicate as a child she soon began to act out in extreme manners. In attempt to find help for their beloved child, Helen's parents sought out the advice of well-known inventor Dr. Alexander Graham Bell. As a result of their meeting, the family hired a personal educator by the name of Anne Sullivan who came to work with Helen beginning March 3, 1887. Thanks to her incredible determination and the guidance of her governess, Helen Keller became a world-wide influence for both disabled and average individuals when she overcame both blindness and deafness to succeed...

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