The Accomplishments of Ancient Roman Civilization Essay

The Accomplishments of Ancient Roman Civilization Essay

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More than two thousand years ago, at a time when the people in the British Isles and in most parts of Western Europe were living off the land, making do with small huts, hunting with spears and wearing animal skins around, the people of ancient Rome were building a civilization of their own, just as great as our own now. In the history of the ancient world the Romans played the part that men of our race have played in the modern world. They knew, as we claim to know, how to govern, how to conquer and fight, how to build reliable structures, how to create education in schools and come up with a reliable supply of food and water (farms and wells). They were the first to invent many things, making life easier than it would be in other civilizations. They had specific buildings for specific tasks and specialist jobs for certain people. Overall, they were way more organized than others around the world, hence the reason they were so great.
The native language spoken by Romans was Latin. Its alphabet was based on the Etruscan alphabet, which was based on the Greek alphabet. Although Latin literature consists almost entirely of Classical Latin, the spoken language of the Roman Empire was Vulgar Latin, which significantly differed from Classical Latin in grammar and vocabulary, and after time pronunciation. Romans wrote with pens and ink and communicated using tablets. They used Roman Numerals for their numeric system.

Ink Tablet
While Latin remained the main written language in the Roman Empire, Greek soon became the language commonly spoken by the well-educated people, as most information studied by Romans was written in Greek.

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... members of the Senate.

The women did not have jobs in ancient Rome, instead they were expected to do the housework. Men went to work every day except for public holidays.

The Romans managed to conquer so many countries because they had such a good army. The Emperor used the army to protect Rome and to control the people it had conquered. Some soldiers were away from their families for long periods of time. Roman soldiers had to be tough. They were expected to march up to 20 miles per day in line, wearing all their armour and carrying their food and tents.

When a soldier had served in the army for 25 years he could become a citizen of Rome and live freely in the city.
They fought with short swords, daggers and a long spear. They also carried a shield for protection as well as wearing armour.

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