Accomplishments And Failures Of A High School Senior Coming Into Freshmen Year

Accomplishments And Failures Of A High School Senior Coming Into Freshmen Year

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As a high school senior coming into freshmen year I was looking forward to a new beginning. Yet, I was unprepared with the never-ending demands of essays and course readings. While I was excited for the future, I was also secretly mortified by the idea of planning for what`s ahead. To get to these goals an action plan is required, and after my four years I want to reflect on the successes and failures I have made to better my future. The college experience was about going beyond the classroom, and developing interests and skills now so I would apply them to my personal and professional goals enriching my future. Over the summer I deeply contemplated about my goals, and re-evaluated my strategies to achieve them.
During my time here I want to be able to graduate with a 3.5 GPA, and be inducted into the Lambda Pi Eta Communications honors society. My overall GPA has been kept above a 3.4 since elementary school, and I don’t plan on changing this streak. Maintaining high grades is not only due to my own push for excellence, but the high academic standards I have of myself. Since I am a recipient of Quinnipiac University`s grants and scholarships and other outside scholarships, a minimum of a 3.0 GPA is required for me to keep them. My intentions, the theme of Wes Moore`s speech at the freshmen lecture, were always higher than the average. I believe this is why Quinnipiac holds value to students like me because I embody it`s mission for all students. Since I am acclimated to the Quinnipiac community, my drive to achieve more than the stereotypical youth today in America continues to soar. My focus and determination helped me to stay on top of my studies easing the process of adjusting on campus.
As I start my freshmen year, I see the...

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...out it I could not prosper oversees. While my hopes are high I fear money to fund the trip will be a challenging because I come from a low income family so I am scared that it will inhibit me to go abroad. Nevertheless, choosing where to go wont be hard, and with extensive planning with an academic advisor this goal could turn into a reality.
My goals are different from another person because we are all different. Some people struggle with goals because they don’t know how to stay on track. Yet, with the resources available, a friendly faculty, and mentors available to me achieving a goal is realistic. Although I am just being my journey, I have a lot to look forward in college and I am ready for the challenges in triumphs in all its aspects. These obstacles and will more knowledge and character as I strive to do the impossible and spread my wings when I graduate.

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