The Accomplishments And Accomplishments Of Jfk Essay

The Accomplishments And Accomplishments Of Jfk Essay

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A leader I have always admired and aspired to be like is John Franklin Kennedy. JFK is one of the most well known influential leaders in this world today. He was born on May 29, 1917 and lived life as a politician. JFK is most known for his accomplishments during his serving as 35th president of the United States, however, his term and life of leadership was cut short when he was assassinated on November 22, 1963. Many Americans consider JFK to be the greatest U.S. president of all time for a number of reasons. It was because of his hard work, dedication, charisma, respect, and understanding that made him such a great and influential icon. Through his military service, congressional career, and presidential career, JFK was able to motivate and influence people through a period of drastic change and to an extent hardship. His accomplishments and leadership traits will be forever considered and modeled for as long as humanity exist. In this paper I will discuss some of his most outstanding accomplishments I find to give his leadership career and title the most justice and praise.
One could argue that compiling and discussing the very long list of accomplishments executed by JFK could take days. I found that the amount of success JFK has is more abundant than anyone else I can think of. It is because of this mass success within such a short period of a time that I have decided to constrict my list of JFK’s accomplishments to five specific successes.
The first accomplishment I found to be most important to JFK’s career, as a leader was his success at becoming the first and only Catholic President of the U.S. During the time anti-Catholic prejudices was not unusual and was actually a significant issue during Kennedy’s campaign for ...

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...ght decisions with the least amount of negative consequences. We can see this during the issue with Cuba, in which JFK accepted a challenge, remained patient, and chose the strategy that would have the absolute least amount of negative impacts on the world.
Overall I consider JFK to be the number one leader and hero the world has ever known. He inspired me not only by his words but by his actions also. When JFK spoke to people he was able to make them feel great and empowered. He was an artist. The English language was his paintbrush and the U.S. was his canvass. Through his utilization of leadership traits and techniques, JFK changed the world for the better. If it wasn’t for his perfect balance of intelligence, confidence, charisma, determination, sociability, and integrity than we would not still respect JFK as a leader and his accomplishments to this very day.

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